The Next-Gen
Billing Platform

Octane is a Usage-based Billing Platform that is built to handle complex usage-based plans.                          


The Next-Gen
Billing Platform

Octane is a Usage-based Billing Platform
that is built to handle complex usage-based plans.  

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What we do

Transform Usage into Revenue

Simplify the Metering Infrastructure of Your Billing System

At Octane, we’ve built metering capabilities to streamline the process of collecting and transforming data into accurate billing according to your usage-based pricing plans.

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Using Pricing as a Lever to Unlock Revenue

We know pricing is a dynamic challenge for growing companies. Our portal lets you analyze and iterate on pricing independent of your developer teams. Move at the speed of your pricing decision, not your engineering backlog.

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Automate Your Entire Financial Stack. Augment
The Customer Experience.

Automate your entire financial stack, so you don’t need an army to get paid by your customers. Provide an amazing billing experience, so your customers stay smiling.

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Assess Business Health with Usage and Revenue Reporting

We give you the analytical data you need for better budgeting, financial planning, forecasting, and modeling, bringing your billing in line with your business strategy.

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Optimal system architecture to keep your data safe

We are SOC2 Type II-certified, GDPR compliant, and committed to delivering a safe, reliable billing solution.

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Who is it for

Octane Empowers All Teams

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Accelerate Deals
with Octane.

Octane's flexible pricing speeds up deal closures, while real-time insights and alerts foster trust and proactive customer interactions.

Understand Usage. Iterate on Pricing.

Octane puts product leaders in the driver seat. Without relying on engineers, product leaders can monitor product usage, tune pricing and deploy it easily to their customers. They understand revenue impact and continue to iterate.

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Simplify your Metered Billing Infrastructure.

Octane streamlines the process of collecting and transforming product usage data into accurate billing, according to your price plans. It's easy to integrate with just a few lines of code, offering SDKs in Node, Python, and Go.

Automate Billing & Boost Revenue.

Octane simplifies the billing experience for Finance & Ops Teams. Finance Teams no longer after rely on engineering to get metered data and generate invoices. Everything from automating invoices, to reconciling payments, to automating sales tax is handled in Octane

Easy, Scalable, Flexible

Why Octane

Streamline Usage Tracking

Octane simplifies usage monitoring, helping your Product team gain deep insights into customer behavior effortlessly.

Flexible Pricing Models
Tailor your product's pricing to match customer needs and market trends, ensuring your Product team has the agility to adapt.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Leverage Octane's analytics to make informed decisions, guiding your Finance, GTM & Product team's roadmap and strategy. Easily analyze data within the portal.
Automated Billing and Invoicing
Say goodbye to manual billing processes – Octane automates invoicing and reconciliation, saving your team time and resources.
Seamless Integration
Integrate Octane effortlessly into your existing systems (data warehouses, CRMs, accounting tools, Slack, etc.).

Scalability for Growth
Octane scales with your business, helping you meter and invoice dozens to tens of thousands of customers .

Octane consistently delivers on our specific requirements,
turning our requests into seamless functionalities.

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Jacob Katz
Finance & Operations Manager
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Since June 2021

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Since June 2021

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Since Jan. 2022

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