Take control of your Kubernetes costs

  • Quick self-service setup
  • Granular, real-time costs
  • EKS, AKS, and GKE support

Visualize the running costs of your applications.

  • Breakdowns by provider, cluster, namespace, pod
  • Breakdowns by resource type
  • Identify major hidden costs such as Data Transfer
Collaboration tool

Track cost by teams, users, applications.

Create custom groupings to match your business structure and view costs on your business terms.

Collaboration tool

Enforce team budgets.

Set spend rate caps on any grouping and create policy around what happens when budgets are exceeded.

Get recommendations for cost savings.

  • Easily spot idle costs
  • Get recommendations on how to modify configurations to save money

Kubernetes Costs Simplified

Real-Time Visibility

Quickly see how your costs are impacted by application usage.


Robust API access to plug your costs into tools of your choice.


AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud all supported.

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