Demo of Octane portal.

Billing Infrastructure

for Kubernetes

Octane makes it easy to do usage-based billing. Monetize your SaaS on k8s today.

How it Works

Set Your Price: Pick from a set of built-in value metrics (e.g. number of nodes) and define a price for your SaaS based on customer usage.

Meter Your Service: Install Octane agent on your k8s cluster to track your customer usage (value metrics).

Bill Your Customer: Report and invoice your customers on their usage through Octane. Octane integrates with several popular payment platforms.

Revenue, spend, and usage

in a single pane of glass

  • Get real-time cloud costs per SaaS customer
  • Know real-time revenue of customers
  • See usage growth of each customer

Track Customer Costs

  • Get real-time cost breakdown on your multi-tenant kubernetes cluster
  • Understand granular breakdown of storage, network, compute across your pods and customers
  • Graph and Visualize cost changes over time

Experiment with Price

  • Test Different Meters (e.g. pricing by CPU vs. Storage)
  • See Revenue Forecasts for different Pricing formulas

Cloud-native Experience

Pluggable Metrics

Automatically integrates in with popular monitoring tools such as Prometheus

Kubernetes Native

Natively works with open-source framework Kubernetes



AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud all supported

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