Dynamic Pricing Experimentation

Test your price plans against historical and projected usage data.

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Manage the Customer experience

Provide a branded experience to customers to view usage and manage their subscription. Seamlessly transition customers between price plans. Configure notifications for usage thresholds and payment events.

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Automate usage-based billing

Automatically generate customizable, usage-centric invoices with your company’s logo. Charge customers with your preferred payment provider.

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Iterate on Pricing

Test new pricing strategies by backtesting new plans against real customer data. Empower x-org collaboration by providing visibility into pricing decisions. Run analysis to optimize and discover new value metrics.

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Backtest Price Plans

Rapidly experiment with different price plans on historical customer usage to make data driven decisions on the way you do you usage-based pricing for current and future customers.

Forecast Customer Usage

Project the usage of your existing customers, to better understand revenue opportunities based on customer demand.

Predict Future Revenue

Give your finance teams the power accurately define monthly, quarterly and annual usage-based revenue projections.

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