Introducing Octane Outpost

Spend Control
Done Right

In the dynamic landscape of SaaS, where self-serve models dominate,
Octane Outpost empowers SaaS companies to overcome hurdles related to
unexpected spikes in usage, credit overuse, and fraudulent activities,
enhancing financial stability.
(Really) Real-Time Credit Transactions

Octane introduces innovative credit-based billing with live transaction holds. Users are required to purchase credits upfront, mitigating fraud risks.

Octane’s live credit balance checks and real-time pending transaction capability prevent credit overuse, ensuring users only consume what they’ve paid for. Live alerts notify stakeholders as users approach specific credit thresholds.

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Anomaly Detection, Supercharged by AI.

Leveraging its expertise in usage-based billing, Octane analyzes historical usage patterns using custom machine learning algorithms. It identifies and highlights anomalous usage patterns through a user-friendly interface.

Moreover, Octane allows custom alert creation to promptly respond to detected irregularities.

Fraudulent User Detection on Steroids.

Octane employs robust methods to identify fraudulent users during sign-up. By cross-referencing IP addresses and contact information, verifying credit cards against Stripe, and detecting discrepancies in user data, Octane swiftly identifies potential fraud.

The system also empowers users to block suspicious accounts and set rules for additional verification.

Risky Payment Patterns, Solved.

Octane continuously monitors payment behaviors, flagging users with patterns of failed payments or overdue accounts. This automated system identifies potential bad actors, enabling preemptive action.

Companies can establish stricter dunning rules or initiate manual interactions to rectify payment issues.

Make Your Own Protection Rules

Octane grants users the power to design tailored workflows for blocking or expelling fraudulent users. Leveraging the insights from usage patterns, payment failures, and overdue accounts, companies can establish rules that suit their unique needs.

These rules serve as a proactive defense against unauthorized usage.