Take the hassle out of maintaining your billing infrastructure.

Focus on your core product, not billing.

You send usage

Flexible meter definitions allow you to send your data as it is. And with our high-throughput, low-latency endpoints, you can send usage records real-time or in batches.

Revenue teams handle the rest

We know pricing is dynamic. With Octane, your revenue teams can handle the business logic in our no-code portal, leaving you to get back to your product roadmap.

Easy to integrate. Built for scale.

One line of code connects your usage data.

Octane SDKs are available in Node, Python or Go, and easily extendable to any language thanks to our OpenAPI spec.

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        "user_id": "cust_1234"
Power your workflow programmatically.

Automate any billing workflow with our flexible integrations and expressive APIs.

Scale without hassle.

Octane maintains scalable infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about it.

"I was absolutely thrilled with the Developer Experience. We completed our Octane integration in as little as 2 weeks. Their customer success team has been super helpful and responsive and now we are billing a high volume of users through Octane without breaking a sweat!"
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