Uncover, Analyze, Prosper

Harnessing Financial Insights for Success

Gain actionable insights into real-time financial data, making informed decisions based on revenue trends, customer behavior, and pricing strategies. Seamlessly export detailed subscription and billing data for external analysis, ensuring compatibility with your preferred tools.

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Don't stay in the dark

Actionable Insights

Gain in-depth, real-time insights into your financial data. Make informed decisions by accessing detailed reports on revenue trends, payment patterns, and customer behavior. Understand your customers better by identifying purchasing trends, preferences, and pain points.

Monitor the success of pricing strategies and billing models. Track the effectiveness of changes over time and refine your approach for optimal revenue generation.

Your data, your way

Effortless Data Export

Seamlessly export detailed customer subscription and billing data for further analysis using your own BI tools. Ensure compatibility and flexibility in your data-driven decision-making process.

Minority Report

Forecast Accuracy

Utilize historical data and predictive analytics to create accurate revenue forecasts. Plan budgets and resource allocation with confidence, minimizing financial uncertainties.

Save your time

Automated Reporting

Set up automated reporting schedules to receive regular updates on key financial metrics. Stay informed without manual effort, saving time and ensuring up-to-date insights.

"Their knowledge on all things billing, responsiveness, and attention to detail built trust quickly with our Engineering, Product, and Finance teams and have saved us many years of work."

Dylan Fox
CEO and Cofounder
Amount billed in Q3 2023

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new customers growth

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MRR growth

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