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Octane is a drop-in metered billing system that gives you flexibility to bill how you want.

Usage Based Billing helps you grow faster.

Companies that switch to a usage-based billing model experience quicker customer acqusition and faster growth amongst their existing userbase.


IMRR growth year over year


Customer Adoption is 3 times faster


Users spend 1 million dollars a year

Win more customers
with flexible price plans.

  • Create price plans with usage-based components.
  • Roll out new price plans without writing code.
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Free your engineers to work on your core product, not billing.

  • Send and monitor usage events in realtime. Let Octane handle storage and aggregation.
  • First-class integrations with popular payment providers (Stripe, Paddle).
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Don’t miss out on the revenue potential of your usage data.

  • Understand your profitable meters by analyzing customer usage.
  • Give your Finance teams the power to accurately define monthly, quarterly and annual usage-based revenue projections.
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Power your Ecosystem

Octane easily integrates with many popular third party tools for a better usage-based billing experience.

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Payment Gateway

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If there is a third party tool that you are really excited about, drop us a note!

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