Demo of Octane portal.

Usage-based Billing and Pricing for B2B SaaS Companies

Octane provides a first-class usage-based billing experience for your customers while simplifying your billing infrastructure.

Simplify your billing infrastructure

Through an SDK built for engineers to easily setup usage-billing plans.

  • Leverage our SDK or out of box meters to easily send customer usage
  • Send raw usage metrics as they happen, and let Octane handle metric storage and aggregation
  • Handle time-dependent consumption with ease (e.g. number of users, storage, running machines)

Improve your customers experience

Octane aggregates and stores time-series usage data so you can easily share it with customers.

  • Embed detailed usage graphs in invoices
  • Provide a billing dashboard for customers to monitor real-time spend
  • Build custom views

Accelerate your monetization journey

We turn usage data to $, so you can maximize monetization for usage-based plans.

  • Backtest price plans on usage data to figure out what metrics and rates are most effective.
  • Get real-time revenue breakdowns of all customers
  • Find out when customer usage starts to drop